Critical Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Treatment Portland Maine

30 Aug

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), six out of ten substance addicts also suffer from a co-occurring disorder. Consequently, overcoming drug dependency is a serious challenge since the problem originates from unresolved mental challenges, such as trauma and depression. Therefore, dual diagnosis plays a key role in addressing the psychological challenges that enhance the risk of individuals abusing drugs. Go on reading here to learn some of the benefits of rehab centers in Maine.

Unearthing the origin of substance abuse

Regular drug rehabilitation addresses general drug addiction problem, which includes managing withdrawal symptoms. However, the treatment does not involve investigating the source of drug abuse. Unfortunately, such treatment from portland maine medical detox center only works for individuals abusing drugs to identify with their peers. Since 60% of substance addicts use drugs to mask underlying mental problems, they need a dual diagnosis rehab that investigates the source of the problem and effective means of resolving the issue. The treatment process involves solving the psychological problem, as well as the drug issue.

Lowers risk of relapse

According to the 2019 Alcohol and Drug Abuse Statistics report, 40-60% of patients treated for addiction issues relapse within a year. Given the high frequency of relapse, one might wonder what causes the effect. Well, wonder no more since the problem originates from incomplete treatment. Substance addiction must address both psychological causes and physical cravings. Therefore, dual diagnosis lowers the risk of relapse it roots out psychological causes of drug abuse, as well as the physical inclinations. Check out this website at to know more about rehabs.

Incorporates family members

Rehabilitation services host an addict for mainly 30-90 days. While an individual might succeed to stay sober while in an dual diagnosis treatment portland maine program, the cravings and the desire to experience the high excitement is likely to take them back to abusing drugs. However, dual diagnosis rehab Maine stands out because it incorporates the loved ones of a patient, so they can provide the individual with the after-care support necessary to prevent a relapse.  Conventional rehabs rarely include relatives since they consider drug addiction an individualized problem.

Connects patients with helpful groups

A successful story sells better than theoretical hype. Addiction support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), bring together patients at different recovery phases. Some have stayed sober for years, while others are fresh out of rehab. The seasoned recovery patients offer helpful tips to the newest patients, which might save them from relapsing.  As such, the dual diagnosis is highly efficient for they help lower vulnerability to relapse through support groups.

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